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St. Gallen

  1. St. Gallen, lake-Constance region, a world away from everyday life, in the quadrangle between Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechstenstein, at 1 hour drive from Zurich airport.

  2. The city was founded, and thus developed the way it did, thanks to a wandering monk, who once drove away a bear in the Mülenenschlucht gorge. He saw this as a sign that he should set up his hermit’s dwelling here, and so the foundation for the establishment of the city and canton St.Gallen were laid.

  3. Trace of this fascinating history as well as buildings from Baroque period and richly decorated houses which belonged to the drapers of St.Gallen can be marvelled at on an informative stroll through the old part of the city.

  4. UNESCO World Heriage Site of the Cathedral and Abbey Library, also known as the pharmacy of the soul.

  5. St. Gallen is know thoughout the world as a city of textiles. Chanel, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and other great designers source lace from St.Gallen. Major fashions shows in Paris, Milan and New York display haute couture to which St. Gallen has also made a significant contribution.

  6. Experience the *City of textiles, by staying in St.Gallen region and visit the world-renowned Textile Museum to find out why St.Gallen is truly a cut above when it comes to textiles.

  7. Discover the four-nation region around Lake Constance with the Rhine valley region, wineyards, The Mount Säntis and the Appenzell region are at your door step


St.Gallen, Where Textile Dreams Become a Reality

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