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Free Republic of Holidays

    80% sunny days, 100% reliable snow conditions and up to 4,545 m above everyday life: nowhere are

    holidays as beautiful as in the Saas Valley. That’s why we have declared our independence from the

    usual holiday regions and proudly announced the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee: a unique world

    of mountains and glaciers, where you can recuperate just as easily in winter as in summer or autumn.

     Even the journey through the Saas valley is an experience. Steep mountainsides and deep gorges

    hint at the sheer forces of nature that occur here. Traffic-free Saas-Fee has managed to hold on to its

    rustic character despite its state-of-the-art infrastructure. With their old Valaisian wooden houses and

    grain barns, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell (home to the former skiing ace Pirmin Zurbriggen) and Saas-

    Balen (famed for its circular Baroque church) have all retained their original village character


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