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Yvon Hochstrasser
Owner | Travel Consultant

„Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, since a young age Yvon became interested in various cultures, culinary delights, arts and music. After high school, he moved to London then spent some years in Spain. On his return to Switzerland  in the late 80s, he worked in hospitality and catering, then carried on working 24 years in the incoming travel business. Enthusiastic and perfectionist, he is comprehensively travelled not only across in his own country, but also around the world, in order to find out the exact needs of travelers. Time came afterwards for this Swiss native to start his own company in his home country of Switzerland. Attentive and service-oriented, Yvon speaks French, English, Spanish and German. His aim is to offer “the best of the best “ to his clients and to show how hospitable, colourful, highly diverse, exciting and how impressive the beauty of Switzerland can be. Thanks to his experience and after having selected the best providers, he represents your Top Swiss partner for the organization of reliable and quality services.“


Felipe Narváez
Junior Travel Consultant

„Coming from the other end of the world, Felipe was born in Chile, the longest country on earth from north to south. At an early age he became interested in languages and also traveling, though not just as a simple tourist that simply comes and goes somewhere, but always trying to walk the extra mile and living meningful experiences with the people he met and new friends he made along the way. After completing his studies in journalism, he embarked on several language holiday trips to countries like Australia, Canada and the US. Always in the pursuit of learning and improving his studies further, he also completed a Master in Translation in Geneva, Switzerland, country he fell in love with and where he has stayed ever since. Working happily at Swiss Select Travel has permitted customer-oriented Felipe to share his passion for Switzerland with all the clients that also want to discover this beautiful country and its surroundings.“


Dean Platt-Orzaez
Junior Travel Consultant

„Dean, hailing from Spain but with roots tracing back to the UK, has harbored a fascination for languages and globetrotting since his early years. His journeys have taken him across various countries, where he immerses himself in the local nuances, discerning the minutest to the grandest of traveler requirements.

His academic pursuits in Tourism and Economics led him to embark on an Erasmus adventure in Italy, enriching him with linguistic prowess and socio-cultural adeptness. Despite the interruption caused by the global pandemic, his career in the tourism sector persevered. Relocating to Switzerland, he embraced a meticulous approach to client service, constantly honing his skills.

Now, as a valued member of Swiss Select Travel, Dean takes pride in extending bespoke attention to clients, tailored precisely to their desires and necessities. His ultimate goal remains to craft unparalleled and unforgettable experiences for travelers exploring the beauty of Switzerland.”

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