Personalized Services

We can organise all land arrangements, such as :

Private Transportation

All types of transport (from private limousines to deluxe coaches)
VIP transfers and excursions in high quality top range vehicles
Best route guaranteed
All our drivers are multilingual
(English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish. Other languages on request)
All drivers can be reached via mobile phone
Swiss trains bookings and ticketing, as well as regular boat journeys
Private boat cruise rental
Helicopter ride
Private jet hire


Hotel accommodation booking
Private chalet or apartment rental

Guide services

Multilingual local guide arrangement with in depth knowledge of the destination
Throughout guide service during journey time
Hostess/ Guide for Hospitality desk
Hostess escorting guests to and from the site (managing access to the property)
English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, French, Japanese, Chinese

Restaurant bookings - Social Events

Find the location that best suits your wishes: from typical to high standard options
We work with well-known and recommended venues
Knowledge of new properties and top range restaurants
Appropriate booking (private banqueting room reserved where requested)
Menu selection and drink packages
Special meals available (e.g. Kosher or special dietary requests)
Creative entertainment ideas
Theme and location to suit your event
Local suppliers liaison (florist, lighting, decoration, security, etc.)

Site Inspection

We can arrange site inspections for you, to visit and see what we have been offering you
We will arrange and negotiate to obtain reductions or complimentary items on involved services

Our staff and time spent will be provided complimentary,
Overnights and meals will be at your charge

Additional cost on site inspection will be negotiated previously and accordingly
All meals, drinks and extras will be at your charge